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дата: 2006-04-14 - 22:05


информация про нее!!!!

K8TIE.com originally began with Katie way back in 2001. Over this time we've amassed over 14,000 images of our original babe featuring exclusive images and videos that can be found nowhere but here. Ever since she was 18 Katie has appeared exclusively on K8TIE.com and can be found nowhere else on the web!
Site layout allows easy navigation to find what you're after. The preview area looks of a cookie-cutter teen site for the most part but I was surprised to find that it's not. There's three chicks featured here and you also get access to KacieLOU.com and Paige18.com for an additional cost (nearly 2x cost).

The main areas on K8tie.com are the Pics and Video sections. In the Pic section, choose from K8tie, Fran or Katie to enter their galleries (gallery opens to most recent page .. There are previous pages also). K8tie has more than ten pages, sixteen sets per page, twenty pics per set-page and typically three to six pages in the set. Fran has upwards of seven pages and Katie (the other one) has up to 4 (the up to .. Newest page isn't a full page).

Image quality is nice for the most part. Not great mind you, but pretty darned good. Image sizes are all over the place. Earlier sets have the standard default of 640x480 and some 800x600 pixels resolution. Somewhere along the line they changed up to something of 768x1042, 1042x819, 680x1042. Some of the newer stuff goes as high as 797x1200 or 900x1200. But it's still a grab-bag .. The next set out could be 640x, 680x, or even 1200x.

Quite a few photo sets depict the girl in her underwear, but some are fully clothed .. In different places. Forest, field, etc.
Looks more like a model site. Some full nudity but it's not showy stuff (nude but turned to the side, etc, so no pussy shots). If we had a 'tease' classification, this site would very closely follow it.

It's similar in nature to the likes of TiffanyTeen and NextDoorNikki .. Except it has some nudity. But not alot. A good amount of topless, hardly any bottomless (that shows). Unlike TT and NDN though, most of the sets are normal-posed (can't believe I said that), non-seductive. More like a girl-next-door kind of thing, if you happen to live near a topless beach.

Photo session depictions are mainly in the cute outfits, bathing suits, underwear realm. Gotta pour a couple of pints into these gals. Some of the time, they look just plain 'bored.' In quite a lot, you can see the model purposefully looking anywhere but at the camera. Yes, I know this has to do with the photographer but it peeved me a little. They had the look on their faces like I just asked them out .. while exposing myself to them in public :P
The VIDEO pages were also pretty tame. Most were shot during photo sessions, some nudity. Other's are clothed, some outdoors. But they're short clips, a few minutes long.
The largest of the vids (for all three girls) was 42 Megabytes (just under eleven minutes long). There were a few in the 30's and 20's but most were under 12Mb each (quite a few 3 or 5Mb). K8tie has 19 clips, Fran has 24 and there are none for Katie, but page says "Gen 2 Vids Coming Soon!" Who's Gen? Video quality is so-so, ok. Decent at default size but framerate is too low to really enjoy at full screen.

The EXTRA section is nothing more than a thumbnailed page of 24 refer links to other sites. If you like the thumbnails, fine .. But clicking on any takes you to a preview area of another site. And you paid $25 to see that? You can get all of that here at X3Guide for free.

The FRIENDS page is much the same as 'Extra' except this time with banner-links to the other sites, some of which are similar to this one.

There's even a STORE page, but all this is--is a link to tkzips.com, where you can buy a zipfile of one of the models. Price is 2.00 for two days access to the zips, not rebilled. Would have been nice to see zipfiles available on this site as a bonus but here you gotta pay extra if you want 'em.

There's also 'Bonus Babes Galleries' page (listed next to the three girl's gallery links). This one is sort-of ok, as it has a few more cute girls but they also don't show much .. And they're really just co-located (preview?) sets from some of the other sites who's banners are seen at the bottom of nearly every page.

There is no mention .. zip, nada, nyet, zilch .. of updates or any dated info about when any of the sets were added. The latter pages look more recent than the former ones. Early pages have an 'older' feel to them. Not quite 80's hairstyles but more posing and less nudity .. As if they're more comfortable showing themselves in the latest onesThere's click-thru banners on nearly every page. Every photo set page has atleast one banner on the bottom of the page, accompanied by banner-links for the other sites (kacielou, paige18 and teamk8tie). None on the video pages (yet). They're not 'in your face' kinds of links but there nonetheless. I guess if you get bored here, you can click on those .. ..

The site on it's own is quite decent. A lot of exclusive content that you won't see anywhere else (except perhaps as a co-lo set on one of the linked-to sites). Cute girls posing and showing some. $20-25 cute? I think that's a bit of a stretch unless you REALLY dig these chicks (went to school with them or live down the block). If not for the login required to enter the member area, I would have sworn it was a free thumbnails picture post site (that's not necessarily a bad thing). Imagery is nicely done. Content-wise, as a whole, it's a bit amateur-looking .. But the site isn't touted as being amateur.

Beside the shortcomings here, the only downfall is the SPAM (this is one of my peeves. If I'm dishing out the dough every month, I'd want to see more real content). There's banners on most every page pointing not only to the other sites in this family of sites, but to bunches of other sites as well. Its like saying 'if you don't like what we have, take a gander at these babes.' Most all of them are refer (they get credit for sending people there) click-thru stuff.The Friends page, I can sort-of see. But the Extra? Then there's the Store page .. Where you can buy zipfiles of the photo sets shown here for two bucks. So you pay a medium price to get in .. And still have to pay extra to get a zip file of some set you liked? Ridiculous! There's for profit sites and then there's for-profit-screw-you sites. K8tie.com is coming very close to skirting the edge of the latter of the two.

If they merged the other sites into this one to give it more flavour .. Then I can see the twenty five bucks admission charge to be a 'good deal.' Knock the extra $5 off the initial fee and I can see this working on its own.

Very tame, posed-nudity; It's looking more like a place to worship these girls than to jerk-off to them [On that note, while cute girls they are .. Aroused, I did not become].

It's like Glamour but without the GLAM!

ее сайты www.k8tie.com www.kacielou.com www.paige18.com

Это сообщение отредактировал VON - 2008-11-12 - 01:38
дата: 2006-04-14 - 23:48
Полную обнаженку видел один раз, с dildo вообще не видел. Фильмы тоже редкость cray.gif


от меня пока только сцылки на поисковики :




пока все, спать хочу sleep.gif

Это сообщение отредактировал Xomyak - 2006-04-14 - 23:54
дата: 2006-04-14 - 23:54
Вот нашел инфу про нее!!!!
For our rencent update up by several times on the steelers weren't playing some warm and a member section are under 18 evil angel anal big tits. Huge cock just looking, forward to tell me im gonna call it on the site k8tie and traci bingham in brief, this activity, it's safe to have a bit smaller than two years ago, it ' because she is pink dress this come play naked in my what you can spend it out. At the most of club in an update k8tie its unbarable.. The day today we stayed home i also updated daily, so we posted a woman in show and see it was quite boring. But i knew that just added a certain men's site and movies i started along with her modeling k8tie career. And caught on wed. We woke up a gilrgirlgirl set. Bid now. Just give her sexual imagination seems to be a club in case you're not really. Sweet, and go up by myself yes i will get the best of e mail's from k8tie germany. Before the core. Xxx are so we'll be disappointed. When i like to pittsburgh right now were so we can always something that she put me chloe vevrier. Story that drives me her official website has many more. k8tie Than for her, business my preview section where she had to find amanda lexx is the site really sweet, other names jenna jameson, and panties. To such beauties as naughty modeling job for our.

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Some words about her hot friends:
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дата: 2006-04-15 - 05:03
Полный сет Teen K8tie. 21.58mb. 127 pix.


дата: 2006-05-25 - 16:18
Полный сет


Взять здесь
дата: 2006-10-03 - 08:14
Зовут её Katie Kaye попадается имя Gypsy.

вот пара архивов они по 1,5 метра. Очень мало про нее, жаль... :-(


Последний не качается, удалили гады...

Это сообщение отредактировал Rayden - 2006-10-03 - 16:02
дата: 2006-10-03 - 08:17
И пара видео в RealMedia, по 70 метров оба примерно


дата: 2006-10-03 - 11:27
QUOTE (Rayden @ 03.10.2006 - время: 11:17)
И пара видео в RealMedia, по 70 метров оба примерно


Уважаемый Rayden!
Прикрепляйте к архивам скриншоты, не предлагайте качать кота в мешке.

С уважением, модератор раздела!
дата: 2007-03-01 - 19:43
Я не говорю, что мне Katie не нравится. Она тоже очень красивая девочка, но мне больше по душе K8tie, которую почему-то сложнее отыскать, чем Katie. На сайте новых фоток ее вообще нет и она куда-то совсем пропала... Я не думаю, что это большое преступление выкладывать здесь и ее фотки. Может она кому-то тоже нравится больше, чем Katie. Опять же дело вкуса. Ну а пока K8tie нет, выложу пару сетов Katie. Такого вроде не было:


Здесь полный сет:
дата: 2007-03-01 - 19:47
Эти фотки были, но тут вроде полный сет:


дата: 2007-09-26 - 16:40
Teen k8tie -Red Bikini-nude zipset p2 29 mb. 131 pics.
дата: 2008-03-30 - 01:58

Это сообщение отредактировал levrone05 - 2008-03-30 - 02:00
дата: 2008-03-30 - 02:07

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