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Пара М+Ж jivewithme
09-08-2013 - 01:48
My wife is hot woman. She can afford to flirtation if a good mood and unusual situation.
Flirt excites her imagination, and she can not control their actions. I knew her before. Some of her actions frightened me and made very jealous. But anyway I love her and I can close my eyes on her flirt with other mens.
One day, by chance I read her correspondence with a former colleague, where she jokingly (or maybe not) offered to sucking him dick. She offered him because he was in the hospital for a long time and have not had sex with his wife. She hid from me visiting colleague at the hospital.
Shouting match. She told me that this particular joke, and I should not have to read her correspondence. She told me that the patient carried the fruit and there she was not alone, so I did not have to worry about her moral character.
But her colleague is a real fag, because the social network wrote stupid words, put my wife in a ridiculous position. The fact that she thought it was a joke taken them seriously. He tried to use the occasion for self-promotion. She stopped deal to him, I was almost satisfied with the result showdown. There was a desire to kill this idiot, but I knew that my wife was her fault and she knew it, too (I hope).
In the back of my mind remained in doubt that over time she will repeat similar situation. I do not think it's serious, but came out thinking about the possibility manage her libido and flirt and she was adventure under my control or participation.
I invited her to visit an erotic massage in the lounge in front of me. She refused to say that she does not need anyone but only me. But I think this option with a predictable script for it just is not interesting.
In the beginning of our friendship we had a moment when I'm with my best friend and she after corporate partying went into the sauna. There was a fantastic sex. In principle friend was not against threesome, but at the last minute for some reason refused. Much later I discussed this situation with wife and she said she was ready for a threesome.
My wife is very temperamental and I have always wanted to see how she does with the others. I asked her questions, she told me about her ex, but I want to see it.
Perhaps I will be able to organize a trip to the sauna with she and my friend, and there play the "unplanned" scenario. But take a doubt that she would be comfortable because our relationship just on a different level now.
Another option is to do it on a trip to leave - to bring happiness to her flirt and sex with a stranger man not from out of the familiar circle.

Это сообщение отредактировал jivewithme - 21-08-2013 - 15:52
Мужчина Просто_Лёшка
09-08-2013 - 10:32
вопрос топикстартеру: а цель вашего поста не подскажете? что я должен делать после того как его прочитал?
Мужчина Джейсон Стэттем
09-08-2013 - 11:52
Тоже ничего не понял, что хочет ТС сказать совим постом ))))
Мужчина sxn3079016725
09-08-2013 - 16:51
Действительно,в чем проблема если у вас с женой практически нет секретов?
Мужчина sxn3079016725
09-08-2013 - 16:55
А если хочеш сделать ей сюрприз то в отпуске договорись с кем нибудь и никаких последствий и проблем
Мужчина VOVA9222
23-08-2013 - 04:56
jivewithme правила поучить не хотите?
Общефорумским языком является русский язык.
Мужчина Nasca
23-08-2013 - 07:46
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