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Мужчина trontun
08-04-2011 - 09:59
Хостинг фотографий Hitomi Tanaka

Hitomi Tanaka
Born July 18, 1986 (1986-07-18) (age 24)
Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan
Alias(es) None
Height 1.56 m (5 ft 1 1⁄2 in)
Measurements 97-59-83 cm
38-23½-33 in
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour Brown
Blood group AB
Ethnicity Japanese

Hitomi Tanaka (, Tanaka Hitomi?) also known as Hitomi is a Japanese AV idol and gravure idol. She is well-known for her naturally large breasts, Japanese size 97J (about 42H in a US bra size)
Tanaka was born in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan on July 18, 1986. She debuted as a clothed model in 2007 and appeared in her debut "gravure" (non-nude) video, Hitomi Tanaka Bakunyuu J no Shogeki, in November 2007.
As a gravure idol, she was compared to an earlier "big-bust" gravure model, Harumi Nemoto.

She has also worked in the softcore movie field, appearing in two V-Cinema works, Bakunyu Sentai Fiber Star Part.1 and its sequel Bakunyu Sentai Fiber Star Part.2, both released in September 2008.
She started her hardcore career as Hitomi in November, 2008 with the video Celebrity Shock AV Debut ( Hitomi AV) for the Soft On Demand studio. Her debut videos for SOD were popular enough to elevate her to the #6 ranking in sales for all actresses from the DMM website for the last half of 2008. She continued to be one of the top ranked actresses at DMM in 2009, ranking #27 for the first half of the year and #42 for the full year. She made several more videos for SOD in 2008 and 2009 and in August 2009, the company released Hitomi Premium Collection 8 Hours which included material from all of her previous solo videos.

In August 2009, Tanaka began working with a new company, Arashi-Supergirl, part of the large Hokuto Corporation group of companies. By early 2010, she was making videos with two other Hokuto companies, Oppai and Moodyz.

Video title Release date Studio Director Notes
Hitomi Tanaka Bakunyuu J no Shogeki
2007-11-08 C&H
CHNS-3 Gravure (non-nude)
Naissho Gokunyu J no Waisetsu
2008-01-05 C&H
CHNS-4 Gravure (non-nude)
Premium Cutie Hitomi Tanaka 2008-05-08 C&H
CHD-27 Gravure (non-nude)
Premium Cutie Hitomi Tanaka & Yuri Himegami 2008-08-07 C&H
CHD-29 With Yuri Himegami
Gravure (non-nude)
Premium Cutie Hitomi Tanaka 2 2008-09-04 C&H
CHD-30 Gravure (non-nude)
Bakunyu Sentai Fiber Star Part.1
2008-09-12 Zen Pictures
ZARD-65 V-Cinema
Bakunyu Sentai Fiber Star Part.2
2008-09-28 Zen Pictures
ZARD-66 V-Cinema
Celebrity Shock - AV Debut
Hitomi AV 2008-11-06 SOD
STAR-128 AV debut
Celebrity Entertainers First and Last Random Intersection 4 Hours
SP 2008-12-04 SOD
STAR-142 With Kotono, Sasa Handa, Azusa Itagaki & Non Yazawa
Hitomi First Sex Under Blue Skies
Hitomi 2008-12-18 SOD
To the Point of Incontinence - m-Vision
mVISION 2009-01-22 SOD
Super High Class Soap Girl
2009-02-19 SOD
STAR-148 Hajime Yarigasaki
Extremely Perverted Hell
2009-03-19 SOD
Hitomi First Nakadashi Angel
Hitomi 2009-04-18 SOD
Hitomi J-Cup Miracle
Hitomi Kiseki no J-Cup 2009-05-14 REbecca
REBD-003 Softcore video
Tokyo Exposure Sex
2009-05-21 SOD
Hitomi Indecent Lady
Hitomi 2009-06-18 SOD
STAR-171 Casey Takeda
Super Ecstasy Splash Shower
2009-07-23 SOD
STAR-177 KeitaNo.1
Hitomi Premium Collection 8 Hours
Hitomi 8 2009-08-06 SOD Value
SDMS-814 Compilation of scenes from her previous SOD videos
Electric Transition! Super J Hitomi
SUPER J Hitomi 2009-08-13 (DVD)
2009-09-01 (Blu-ray) Arashi-Supergirl
ARS-020 (DVD)
9ARS-020 (Blu-ray) Minami Haou
Private Teacher - The Teacher is a J-Cup Performer
Jcup 2009-09-13 Arashi-Supergirl
ARS-024 Hifumi Tatsuwo
Temptation of Bursting Tits Young Wife
2009-10-13 Arashi-Supergirl
Sperm-Loving Big Breasts Nursery School Worker
2009-11-13 Arashi-Supergirl
ARS-030 Fubuki Sakura
Bursting Breasts Titty-Fucking Special
SPECIAL 2009-12-13 Arashi-Supergirl
ARS-032 HiroA
Hitomi x Oppai x 4 Hours
Hitomi×OPPAI×4 2010-01-19 Oppai
J-Cup Super Bursting Tits Body Super Super Super Titty-Fucking SP
JSP 2010-03-01 Moodyz Diva
MIDD-599 [Jo]Style
Teacher With Huge Braless Breasts
2010-04-01 Moodyz Diva
MIDD-610 [Jo]Style
Hitomi SUPER BEST 8 Hours
HitomiSUPER BEST8 2010-04-01 Arashi-Supergirl
SGB-004 Compilation of scenes from her previous Arashi-Supergirl videos
Artista Original Jcup Nakadashi
Jcup 2010-05-01 Moodyz Gati
Dream Woman Vol.78
Vol.78 2010-06-01 Moodyz Gati
MIGD-331 Alala Kurosawa
J-Cup Performer Hitomi Big Breasts Tear'em Down
J Hitomi 2010-07-01 Moodyz Diva
MIDD-648 Fubuki Sakura
J-Cup Performer Hitomi Bukkake Nakadashi Fuck
JFUCK Hitomi 2010-08-01 Moodyz Gati
MIGD-347 HiroA
Hitomi 97 cm J-Cup Paizuri Special
Hitomi97cmJcupSpecial 2010-09-19 Oppai
Hitomi 97 cm J-Cup Huge Breasts Kindly Nurse
97cmJcup Hitomi 2010-10-19 Oppai
Busty Home Visit Fan Sex
OPPAIHitomi 2010-11-19 Oppai
Hitomi Semen 500 Times Consecutively Initiation
500 Hitomi 2010-12-25 DAS
Sex With the Man With the World's Biggest Penis
SEX Hitomi 2011-01-19 Rookie
RKI-106 Tiger Sakei
Let Me Sharpen You Up - Paizuri Sex
Hitomi 2011-02-13 Moodyz Diva
MIDD-738 cobo
Temptation Defenceless Huge Breasts - J Cup Temporary Staff
Hitomi 2011-03-13 Moodyz Diva
Вот и сайт Хитоми : http://blog.livedoor.jp/blog_hitomi/

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Мужчина trontun
08-04-2011 - 10:47
887 кб 17 фото

Хостинг фото Hitomi Tanaka
Всего фото: 4

Мужчина trontun
08-04-2011 - 11:11
19 фото 2,65 мб

Хостинг фото Hitomi Tanaka
Всего фото: 4
Мужчина trontun
08-04-2011 - 12:33
Видео 178 мб ,15 минут.

Hitomi Tanaka
Мужчина trontun
16-04-2011 - 10:49
Видео 154 мб 15 минут.

Hitomi Tanaka

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Мужчина trontun
21-04-2011 - 14:24
Видео 454 мб , 43 минут.

Hitomi Tanaka
Мужчина trontun
08-05-2011 - 23:00
Hitomi Tanaka - big boobs video
621 mb , 56 min .

Hitomi Tanaka

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